The Borough of Mansfield is pleased to provide all of our ordinances, including amendments, in one place for your convenience.

How to use this page

The Borough Ordinance book is organized by “Chapters” covering the various ordinances. The ordinance book was last “codified” in 2011. During the codification process, any amendments to the ordinance books that have been duly adopted by the Borough Council are incorporated into the ordinance book. Codification is a costly and time-consuming endeavor, so it is only done periodically. In the interim, any amendments are in full force, but not incorporated into the physical ordinance book.

If you are interested in reading a Chapter of the ordinance, please check for any amendments to that chapter. Amendments to the various chapters are linked in italics below the chapters. 


Chapter 1 General ProvisionsDownload

Chapter 4 AuditorsDownload

Chapter 7 Authority, MunicipalDownload

Chapter 11 Claims, MunicipalDownload

Chapter 17 LibraryDownload

Chapter 21 Manager, BoroughDownload

#460, Repeal Manager Amend 21Download

#476, Manager Amend 21Download

#484, Manager Amend 21Download

Chapter 28 PensionsDownload

#497 Pension Amend 28Download

Chapter 31 Planning CommissionDownload

Chapter 41 Sanitation Committee, CountyDownload

Chapter 44 Shade Tree CommissionDownload

#486, Shade Tree Amend 44Download

Chapter 47 Social SecurityDownload

Chapter 55 Alcoholic BeveragesDownload

Chapter 58 AnimalsDownload

#496 TNR Amend 58Download

#499 Animals Amend 58Download

Chapter 63 Bird SanctuaryDownload

Chapter 67 Building Construction, non residentialDownload

Chapter 68 Building Construction residentialDownload

Chapter 70 Construction codes, uniformDownload

#480, Eliminating Codes Dept Amend 70Download

Chapter 73 CurfewDownload

Chapter 79 ReservedDownload

Chapter 85 FeesDownload

Chapter 87 FencesDownload

Chapter 88 Fire EscrowDownload

Chapter 90 Fire SafetyDownload

Chapter 92 Furnace, outdoorDownload

#471, Outdoor Burning Amend 92Download

Chapter 96 Housing StandardsDownload

Chapter 101 Junk and Junk VehiclesDownload

Chapter 114 Park and Recreation AreasDownload

Chapter 117 Peddling and SolicitingDownload

Chapter 120 Property MaintenanceDownload

#463, Property Maintenance Amend 120Download

Ordinance 501, Amending Chapter 120 Property Maintenance

Chapter 122 Public Safety and NuisancesDownload


Chapter 132 Solid WasteDownload

Chapter 135 Storm Water ManagementDownload

Chapter 138 Streets and SidewalksDownload

#470, Sidewalks Amend 138Download

Chapter 141 SALDODownload

Chapter 145 TaxationDownload

#456, EIT Amend 145Download

Chapter 151 vehicles and personal property, abandonedDownload

Chapter 155 Vehicles and TrafficDownload

#467, Traffic & Vehicle Amend 155Download

#487, Parking Amendments Amend 155Download

#493 PARKING ZONES Amend 155Download

Chapter 158 Water SystemsDownload

Chapter 162 ZoningDownload

#464, Zoning (Meadow St) Amend 162Download

#485, Signs, Zoning Amend 162Download

#475, Zoning Map Amend 162Download

#479, CBD Zoning Amend 162Download

#494 ZONING MAP Amend 162Download

Chapter A163 Cable FranchiseDownload

#459, Cable Franchise amend A163Download

#472, Floodplain New SectionDownload

#481, Road Dedication New SectionDownload

#495 BOND ISSUE New SectionDownload

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