Zoning & Building Permits

Mansfield Borough requires zoning permits for new structures, fences and business signs as well as any demolition. For all zoning permit questions, contact the Borough Manager at mansfieldmanager@ptd.net or via phone at 570-662-2315, ext. #4. Email contact is preferred in case we need to send you any technical details.

Additionally, some construction and demolition projects require building permits. For all building permit questions and application, contact our third party building codes company, Erb Inspections.

Mansfield Borough has also adopted a Subdivision And Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). Any land subdivision requires a formal subdivision review and approval. Certain residential and most non-residential development requires a formal land development review and approval. Please be aware that some projects could also trigger a stormwater management review and/or a floodplain review.

Permits are also required for planting and/or removal of shade trees as well as street openings.

For your convenience, the following permit applications are available below. Please contact us to discuss permit fees.

Zoning Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application



zoning map


Guide for Subdivision and Land Development

Subdivision and Land Development Application

Formal Complaint Form  – ALL complaints must be filed in writing and signed on the following CONFIDENTIAL form before formal action can be taken by the Borough:

Mansfield Borough Complaint Form

Following is the Mansfield Code as of 2/1/2011 – Please contact the Mansfield Borough Manager for any amendments made after that date.

Mansfield Code Complete

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