The Borough of Mansfield is committed to open and transparent governance. The Borough complies with the Commonwealth’s most current open records law, as amended from time to time. All documents deemed to be public records are available for public inspection during regular business hours. If you want to request a specific document, our right-to-know contact is:  Borough Manager Christopher McGann. For information please contact our office (570-662-2315, option #4)

Mansfield Borough accepts the Commonwealth’s standard RTK form:     RTKRequestForm

Completed forms can be e-mailed directly to Mr. McGann at mansfieldmanager@ptd.net

In keeping with state laws, the Open Records Officer will make a good faith effort to provide all responsive records within five (5) business days, though the Borough reserves the right to invoke a 30 day extension. The Borough further reserves the right to review all RTK requests with the Borough Solicitor. Records and information that are shielded from disclosure with be withheld and/or redacted. Please note that the Open Records Officer is not required to create a new document in response to a RTK request nor to compile, format or organize a public record in a format that does not exist at the time of the request.

In accordance with the relevant state law, all appeals of RTK requests deemed denied or partially denied by the Borough’s Open Records Officer shall be made to the PA Office of Open Records within 15 days of the denial. Appeals shall follow all policies of the PA Office of Open Records. Individuals requesting records are advised that certain types of records fall outside of the jurisdiction of the Office of Open Records and such appeals may be referred to other agencies. The contact information is:

 PA Office of Open Records

333 Market Street, 16th Floor

Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333


Mansfield Borough Copying and Reproduction Fee

Postage                                                         Face Value of USPS first class postage

Copying Fee (black and white)                     $.25 per page/one-sided page

Copying Fee (color)                                       $.50 per page/one-sided page

Specialized documents                                  Cost to the Borough

Flash drive                                                      Cost to the Borough

Accident report                                              $15 per report

Certification                                                   $5 per document

“Copying and Reproduction” fees are in line with the Commonwealth’s Office of Open Records’ Right to Know fee schedule at the time of adoption of this fee schedule. The fees in this section shall automatically adjust to the maximum allowable in the event that OOR amends the fee schedule. Any fees not captured in this section shall be the same as the maximum allowed by the most current OOR fee schedule. Prepayment is required if costs will exceed $100. Right to Know Requests will not be granted if a requester owes fees from a previous request.

The Borough’s formal RTK policy is posted at this link.

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