Important Notices Regarding COVID-19:

Recycling Information: Mansfield Borough is pleased to announce that we are restarting recycling services. Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority will provide recycling containers at the Mansfield High School parking lot for drop-off recycling. The site will be open and available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. through the month of May. We ask that residents north of Route 6 come on Tuesdays and those south of Route 6 come on Thursdays. If you cannot make it on weekdays due to work commitments, please come Saturdays. We are expecting a large amount of materials early in the month, so we would ask that anyone who can wait until later in the month does so. We will have to close the service if the containers get too full on a particular day. When dropping off recycling, please wear a face covering and maintain six feet of social distancing. Please do not leave trash at the site. When dropping off recyclables, please enter at the Smythe Park entrance and exit onto Route 6 in front of the school.

Borough Office Information: The Mansfield Borough Office will be closed to the public temporarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please deposit any payments and parking tickets in the drop box. If you need to discuss any matters with Borough staff, please call the office at 570-662-2315. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Garbage Stickers: In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mansfield Borough has secured another option for the purchase of garbage stickers. Garbage stickers are currently available at Sara Jo’s Stop And Go at 33 West Wellsboro Street for the normal price. Garbage collection is an essential service and will continue as usual. Please also be advised that Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority has temporarily suspended curbside recycling. The Borough will notify residents when recycling resumes. Like us on Facebook for continual updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this unprecedented time.”

For additional information regarding the outbreak, please visit the websites of the PA Department of Health and PEMA.

Mansfield Sidewalk Program

The Mansfield Borough Sidewalk Program is again offering funding assistance for Mansfield residents to replace sidewalks.  Applications to participate in the program and information on how the program will be structured can be obtained via email at mansfieldmanager@ptd.net. Applications will be taken until the grant funds are utilized.  Should you have any questions or need to make other arrangements to obtain an application, contact Borough Manager Chris McGann at 570-662-2315.

Local Government

The Borough was incorporated on February 13, 1857 and is governed by a seven-member Council who are elected for staggered four-year terms. A mayor is elected also for a four-year term and is responsible for administration of its Police Department. The Borough Manager is appointed by Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Borough.

Geographical Information

The Borough of Mansfield is located at the intersection of Business Route 15, soon to be the I-99 Corridor, and Route 6. Mansfield is situated in the east central portion of Tioga County. Tioga County, located in north central Pennsylvania, is one of the State’s largest counties in the area and also one of the most rural. The area of the Borough is roughly 1216 acres. The Borough is located approximately 30 miles to the south of Corning, NY and 45 miles to the north of Williamsport. Mansfield has a 2010 U.S. Census population of 3,625 and contains 1.6 square miles of area. There are approximately 10.35 miles of Borough roads and 5.36 miles of State roads.

Mansfield University

The Borough of Mansfield is also the home of Mansfield University, a small public university in the liberal arts tradition and member of the State System of Higher Education in Pennsylvania. The University provides undergraduate and graduate instruction for students in the areas of liberal arts, sciences, the professions and other applied fields, research, and art.

Miscellaneous Information

The Water/Sewer bills are prepared monthly. Effective January 1, 2020 the sewer fees, per EDU (equivalent dwelling unit), are a base charge of $17.00 plus $6.50/1,000 gallons in excess of 1,500 gallons. The water fees for residents, per EDU, are a base charge of $12.00 plus $7.50/1,000 gallons. For commercial usage, per EDU, the base fee is $12.00 plus $8.00/1,000 gallons. For new service hook-ups there is a one-time tapping fee of $1,000/EDU for both the water and the sewer lines. Additional hook on fees may include, but are not limited to, meter, horns, and mxu.  Water/sewer bills can be paid on-line at https://diversifiedbillpay.com/v1/mansfield

Trash pick-up in the Borough is contracted through NTSWA. They operate on a sticker system. Effective January 1, 2020 stickers are $2.65 each and can be purchased at Pump & Pantry or the Borough Office. Pick up on the south side of town is Monday, and the north side of town, including Sullivan Street, is on Thursday. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday, calendars are available on this web page or at the Borough office.

Consumer Confidence Report information is available on the Municipal Authority web page http://www.mansfieldmunicipal.com or via e-mail.


Mansfield Borough is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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